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German Basketball League: Bamberg Baskets without a chance against Chemnitz

Bamberg, 03-17-2024

As in the first leg five months ago, Bamberg Baskets had no chance against league leaders Niners Chemnitz. The first encounter this season was 79:109; yesterday, Woltmann's team lost 84:106.

Bamberg was only able to keep pace at the start of the game. Filip Stanic with 13 points and Adrian Nelson with12 points opened up a 5:0 gap, while Zach Copeland with 15 points added a three to make it 8:2. However, Chemnitz equalized to make it 10:10 and was able to pull 16:25 ahead within five minutes thanks to Kevin Yebo's 14 points. Bamberg was not able to control Chemnitz's center for the entire period. Yebo slammed in 33 points for Bamberg and drained all five of his threes. Chemnitz steadily pulled away because it repeatedly got through Bamberg's defensive ranks with ease. Bamberg's top scorer Trey Woodbury put up a fight against defeat with 20 points after the break, but his total of 27 points was not enough to turn the game around.

Bamberg Baskets' Head Coach Arne Woltmann commented: "The front-runners clearly showed us our limits. We weren't able to keep up with Chemnitz' physicality, especially on the defensive rebound. Scoring 84 points against Chemnitz is very good, but when you concede 106 points at the back, our problem was in defense. We'll have to work on that."

Bamberg Baskets face an away game against the Rostock Seawolves on Friday, March 22, 2024. The club from the Hanseatic city is in 15th place after an eleven-game losing streak. Tip-off is at 8 p.m.