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Patrik Dinkel and Tamara Lutz capture overall victory

Labertal, 08-17-2019

After 6 demanding trials, Patrik Dinkel and Tamara Lutz were assured of winning the Labertal Rally and capturing top spot on the rostrum with a lead of 7.2 seconds after the 35 km of timed stages.

As always, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 had been prepared perfectly when the duo lined up on Michelin semi-slicks in the dry weather. Three trials had to be completed by the break: on asphalt, with challenging and fast combinations of corners. It was important to attack the bends with the right line and so conserve the pace for the straights so as to match the better performance of the BMWs in the field.

A torrid fight with perennial rival Rudolf Reindl had been expected, but he had to withdraw at short notice because his co-pilot took ill. Victory was not in sight for Patrik Dinkel and Tamara Lutz at the halfway stage.

“Unfortunately, we touched a chicane slightly and so suffered a 10-second penalty,” said Patrik after completing the three trials for the first time.

Someone completely different drove as if possessed and made life difficult for Patrik and Tamara. The stalwart Fritz Köhler in a BMW M3 E46 was able to exploit his car’s power, especially on the circuit in the third trial.

Dinkel and Lutz were therefore only in second spot at the regrouping.

“We then gave our all again on the second loop, were able to clock the best time on trials four and five and so went on to capture overall victory in the end,” said Patrik after the rally.

Team Dinkel will be right behind Dominik Dinkel and co-pilot Christina Fürst next week when they fly the flag for Brose at the World Rally Championship race in Germany.

The next scheduled rally for Patrik Dinkel and Felix Kießling will be the Ore Mountains Rally, a race in the German Rally Championship.