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Niederfüllbach near Coburg

Tennis professionals Krawietz and Mujakic train with Brose employees

Niederfüllbach near Coburg , 03-07-2019

Around 50 guests watched a tennis event of the special sort at Niederfüllbach Tennis Center: The tennis professional Kevin Krawietz, who is sponsored by Brose, and the budding talent Alen Mujakic trained with Brose employees and winners of an Instagram prize drawing for two hours and then contested a one-set exhibition match.

The 27-year-old Krawietz from Coburg, who celebrated his first victory in an ATP World Tour tournament in New York just three weeks ago, devoted three-quarters of an hour to each of the two training sessions. The Brose employees were enthusiastic afterwards: “That was great fun and he was able to teach me a few things. How I stand to the ball, footwork, feeling the ball, and how to hit volleys. He attaches very great importance to that and explained it in a lot of detail,” said Michael Schwarz.

After the opening two training sessions, the up-and-coming talent Alen Mujakic, who is likewise sponsored by Brose, challenged the professional Kevin Krawietz. The just 15-year-old youngster held his first service to go 1:0 ahead in front of the 50 spectators. However, Kevin Krawietz then summoned up his ten years of experience as a professional, held his own service and also broke twice in succession to lead 5:1. Mujakic struck back with strong forehands to make it 2:5, but then Krawietz sealed the set by 6:2.