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Global responsibility – with a local focus

As a family-owned company, it has always been important to Brose to help people who face difficult situations. We make a conscious effort to concentrate our social commitment on the regions surrounding our locations. This enables us to provide support where our proximity gives us keen insight into the unique local needs and challenges.

Lasting support for migrants in Coburg

Brose is helping to fund Coburg Council’s Coordination Office for People from a Migrant Background for the fourth year in succession. The office makes it easier for migrants and refugees to start their new life in Germany and helps them find their feet in everyday life. The advice bureau looked after a total of 61 asylum seekers and 688 migrants in 2018 alone. It is located directly in the building that houses the Social Services Department, at Am Viktoriabrunnen 4, Coburg. It is part of the subject area “Asylum and Refugee Affairs” and so persons who get in touch with the department for the first time are immediately put in contact with the Coordination Office. The large demand for assistance confirms that Coburg Council needs to continue and establish this service – and Brose’s engagement makes a major contribution to helping it do so.

More than a home for Mexico’s children

The home “Alegría de los Niños” was founded in 2012 near to our Mexican location El Marqués. Children there are given psychological care and a general school education. Brose has supported the initiative from the outset. Apart from a generous donation, the plant organizes an annual Christmas party where Brose employees visit the orphanage and give the children presents.

School education in Curitiba

Our Brazilian location in Curitiba has partnered with the Sao José dos Pinhais local municipal authorities to support the Cyro Pelizzari Educational Center since 2005. Every year the project enables hundreds of children and young adults from socially disadvantaged families to receive education and training. Brose not only offers financial support, but also donates books, arranges visits to theaters and museums and organizes an annual Christmas party. In the future we also plan to offer additional support for “Formare”, a regional vocational training project.

A heart for life

The “Fundación Kristen” is committed to helping early diagnosis and treatment of heart defects in unborn babies and small children. Our Mexican site Queretaro has helped fund this foundation, which was founded in 2009, since 2015. As a result, heart defects have been able to be detected on more than 1,200 occasions. The donations from Brose were used in 2018 to finance six medical campaigns, from which 161 children benefited. In addition, seven families were able to find the suitable method of treatment thanks to medical and genetic examinations of babies in their mother’s womb.

Home and education program for abused children

The “Minesterios Pan de Vida” children’s home at the Brose Querétaro location in Mexico has helped give homeless and abused children and young adults a safe place to live since it was founded in 1990. The home has already helped 1000 of its charges receive education and training. In 2018 alone, the home had 70 permanent residents. Our company has supported this institution for 20 years now. Many Brose employees also donate their free time to the cause. After all, a solid education including secondary school gives these young people a fighting chance at a better life.

Aid for schools in South Africa

Brose has been actively engaged in aiding South African schools since 2010. Every year we donate materials to support different schools that provide education to socially disadvantaged children. Examples of contributions made by Brose include paying for renovations, donating furnishings, books, musical instruments and other educational materials. In 2018 we sponsored two schools with over 900 students: the IB Damons Combined School located near our partner company in Brits and the New Generation Primary School at the Brose East London location. We will continue this support at other nearby schools in 2019.

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