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Global responsibility - local focus

Helping people in difficult living conditions has always been a central concern for the family-owned company Brose. We deliberately focus our social commitment on the areas surrounding our locations. This allows us to provide our support where we have an insight into individual needs and challenges due to our immediate proximity.


Stepping Stone into a Career

Since 2023, we have been supporting the "Formare" program of the lochpe Foundation in Curitiba, Brazil.

The initiative aims to help young people from low-income families find their way into vocational training. To this end, the 20 participants undergo a nine-month program with job-related theoretical and practical content directly in our company.

They are supported by around 40 Brose employees who are volunteering as teachers, supervisors and in administrative tasks.

Taicang Inclusion Factory

A better and more inclusive society

The "Inclusion Factory" project, which is unique in China, is a workshop for people with mental or physical disabilities and is supported by around 80 cooperation partners from Europe, including Brose since 2018. With the help of special devices and machines, the "Talents with Disabilities" can produce competitive products and thus pursue regular employment in the workshop. The goal: the diverse and meaningful employment of people with disabilities in order to integrate them as full and respected members of Chinese society.

Cyro Pelizarri

School education in Curitiba

Since 2005, our Brazilian site in Curitiba has been supporting the Cyro Pelizzari social and educational center as a partner of the local government of Sao José dos Pinhais. The project provides education and training for hundreds of children and young people from socially disadvantaged families every year. Brose helps financially, but also donates books, organizes visits to theaters and museums and hosts an annual Christmas party.

Gesanghua Education's Aid

Books for a successful future

The partnership between Brose and the aid organization "Gesanghua Education's Aid" in China has been in place since 2016. As part of this cooperation, the "Brose Class" was created at Huangnan Senior High School to support and encourage students affected by poverty during their school education.

In addition to regularly awarding scholarships, Brose also regularly donates necessary teaching materials to the school. We also helped to set up a library to make reading fun for the young students and prepare them for a successful future.