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Sharing and supporting motivation

Success in sport requires talent, a willingness to do your best, ambition, discipline, passion and team spirit. And these are characteristics we identify with wholeheartedly. After all, we want to attract the best performers to our team and get them excited about being a part of our company. Our longstanding commitment to basketball is proof of the close alliance between Brose and the region of Franconia. We help build enthusiasm for this professional sport while enhancing the appeal of our central locations.

Aiming to become the best through ambition and perseverance

Basketball fascinates through its great dynamism and smart interaction between skillful, talented players. These characteristics fit well with how we identify ourselves as a company. This is why Brose has sponsored basketball in the Franconian city of Bamberg for around two decades, since 2006 as main and title sponsor and took over the naming rights to the Brose Arena in 2013. Backed by its magnificent successes over the past decades, including nine championship titles, Brose Bamberg will continue to fight to be the best on the national and international stage.

Perspectives for the region

Franconian metropolis, university town, basketball center steeped in tradition: there were plenty of convincing arguments to support our decision to sponsor the basketball team from Bayreuth in 2010. At the time, the team had managed to fight its way back into the Premier Basketball League after a number of difficult years. We wanted our sponsorship to help establish the team in the highest division – and we’ve continued this success to this day: The club finished fourth in 2017 and sixth in 2018, gaining a playoff spot in each year. In 2019, it reached the quarter-finals. In 2020, the national and international seasons were both terminated prematurely. However, the team enjoyed a successful season up to that point in competition for the FIBA Europe Cup, and after qualifying for the playoffs it advanced to the semi-finals.

Rewarding dedication and the will to succeed

In 2011 the Würzburg basketball team advanced to the Bundesliga (premier league). We were so impressed by their dedication and will to succeed, we decided to become a premium sponsor the same year. Although the team did not qualify for the premier division for a year, they fought back hard to regain a top position and returned to the Bundesliga in 2015. In 2019/2020, the team also battled its way to the playoffs, but the season was then terminated prematurely. This support enhances our brand image in the university town of Würzburg, where our drives business division is headquartered. But our efforts also help strengthen basketball throughout Franconia. This is because Brose-sponsored clubs enjoy such close and successful cooperation when it comes to recruiting new talent.

Moving up with passion and a systematic approach

The basketball players of BBC Coburg have always had their sights set on moving up to the second pro A division. We were so impressed by the passion and systematic approach of the newcomers to the regional premier league that we became their main sponsors from the 2016/2017 season. This long-term commitment supports the professionalization of the long-standing team also after the relegation in 2018 out of the Pro B, the 3rd german basketball league. Part of the financial support benefits its youth work, which aims to build up a team for the junior premier league, among other things.

A passion for performance

Michael Stoschek, winner of the 2006 FIA European Historic Rally Championship, continues to play a key role in the success of the Brose Motorsport Team. This passionate racing driver won the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico three times, not to mention rallies in nearly every country in Europe, in Australia and Newfoundland.

The development and construction of the New Stratos, a modern version of the legendary Lancia Stratos HF, helped fulfill one of the Chairman of the Brose Group’s long-held dreams. Presented in 2010 the New Stratos still raises the bar for today’s supercars and has garnered the highest acclaim along with numerous awards from throughout the industry. Now MAT of Turin is manufacturing the long desired small series.

Brose Motorsport Michael Stoschek

Driving flat out on the track to success

As a global automotive supplier, it’s only logical for Brose to be involved in motorsport sponsoring. We have partnered with world-class driver Tiago Monteiro since 2003. Born in 1976, the Portuguese driver has made a name for himself in a number of racing series around the world. He has been a part of the FIA WTCC World Touring Car Championship since 2007 and joined the Honda works team in 2013. In season 2016 Monteiro captured his career-best result in the WTCC with a third place in the overall standings. After his serious accident in 2017, Monteiro wasn’t able to compete again until the World Touring Car Cup in 2019, where he finished 20th in the overall standings. In 2020, he’ll be starting again in a Honda Civic Type R TCR for the coming season of the WTCR.

Sport enthusiast and scientist

Christian Engelhart is a successful GT racer with a number of achievements under his belt – including winning the title of runner-up for the 2015 and 2016 season. In 2017 he won the Driver and the Team Championship in the international Blancpain GT Series. With the third place in the drivers' standings of the Blancpain GT Series and the runner-up title at the ADAC GT Masters in 2019, Christian seamlessly continued his successes from previous years. In 2020, he will again line up for the ADAC GT Masters and the GTWC, but this time with a new team and behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT3 R.

Despite his lofty athletic goals, he successfully completed his graduate degree in Engineering in 2013. His talent, ambition and will to succeed make him an important role model, which is why we have proudly supported him since 2012.

Clearing the way for talent

Positively promoting young talent – in the world of work or the world of sport – is a matter that is close to our hearts. These efforts are designed to help clear the way for young talent. We have sponsored rally driver Dominik Dinkel (born 1992) since 2012. He got off to a flying start in 2013 by winning his category in the ADAC Opel Adam Rallye Cup. In season 2016 he accomplished five podiums and managed to earn an excellent third place in the Championship. He switched to a Skoda Fabia R5 in 2017 and reached the second place in the German Rallye Championship in 2017 and 2018. In 2020, following a training year in 2019, Dinkel will start in the FIA European Rally Championship.

Partners out of passion

The Kickers embody for us a desire to achieve, discipline and team spirit. Those qualities are what make you successful – in sport as in business. We’ve been a partner to the Kickers since 2013, since we are united by the mission to deliver a top-class performance in every respect. After relegation to the third division in 2017, the team took fifth place in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. Then in the 2019/20 season, it captured second place and regained promotion to the Second German Soccer League.

Youth development program

In 2018 the Brose sponsored race car driver Tiago Monteiro started the Skywalker Young Guns Program. It is the goal of this initiative to identify young talents and prepare them in the best possible way for their future career in motorsports. In order to enable them to reach their full potential the young drivers are trained in various ways, get medical checks and physiotherapy as well as driver coachings, fitness and mental trainings. Special classes for healthy nutrition, the importance of long term partnerships and ideal personal career management complete the program. Additionally to driving skills there is a special focus on the development of the interpersonal skills of the young athletes. Brose has supported this outstanding initiative right from the start.

Sustainably promote talent

Systematically fostering young people long term in their career and in sport is a concern that is dear to our heart. We have supported the tennis player Kevin Krawietz since he was 16. The 2008 Wimbledon junior champion has systematically worked his way up the world rankings.

In June 2019, the doubles specialist and his partner Andreas Mies produced an outstanding performance in the men’s doubles to win the French Open, their greatest success to date and the first triumph by a German pairing at a Grand Slam tournament in 82 years.

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