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Auburn Hills, MI

Brose showcases smart comfort solutions at Detroit Auto Show

The Brose Next concept vehicle will be make its North American debut during Detroit Auto Show. It displays Brose’s smart comfort solutions for vehicle access, interior design and thermal management that enable individuality and flexibility for users.

Auburn Hills, MI, 09-14-2022

Brose North America, a leader in mechatronics, is presenting its advanced mobility solutions at the Detroit Auto Show on September 14-15, 2022, showcasing intelligent technologies that enable new mobility experiences.

The return of the Detroit Auto Show is a welcome sight for the automotive world and the star this year will be electrification as the industry continues its transition into modern mobility, said Wilm Uhlenbecker, president of Brose North America. I am optimistic about the future of Brose as we continue to foster innovation through a system approach that brings added value to our customers. With the addition of sensor technology and software to our mechatronics solutions, we can provide maximum comfort and convenience to end users, today and tomorrow.

Highlights from Brose’s presentation at the Detroit Auto Show include:

Comfortable Vehicle Access
Whether entering your own car, ride sharing vehicles or autonomous people movers – Brose’s components and systems offer new comfort experiences for vehicle access. The supplier intelligently connects all necessary components from the side door drive to closure systems. For the first time, the automotive supplier will present a new access module that can completely replace conventional door handles. Diversifying its product portfolio, Brose will also showcase a power dropgate drive. This new product leverages the company’s side door drive technology, packaging its functionality into a more compact, lighter weight system. Designed for pickup trucks, the dropgate drive simplifies loading and adds convenience by powering the opening of traditional tailgate configurations. Together with Brose’s dropgate control unit and closure system, the drive unit completes Brose’s system solution for vehicle access of pickup trucks. Other applications of Brose’s vehicle access solutions include drives for SUV liftgates, split liftgates, hatches, power swing doors and drives for power side steps.

Seat capabilities for BEV and autonomous vehicles
Drawing on decades of mechatronics expertise, Brose creates seating systems that adapt to dynamic driving scenarios. As the development of autonomous driving systems speeds up, consumer demands are increasingly focused on interior comfort and convenience. Brose uses innovations such as brushless motors and integrated electronics to deliver the rapid transition and multiple configurations of flexible interiors. Presented solutions feature best-in-class acoustics, reduced weight and improved in-seat packaging, tailor-made to accommodate a BEV environment with simplified wire harness and electronic control unit systems. Brushless motors are also a game changer to keep occupants safe in All Belts to Seat (ABTS) comfort seats. Brose’s high power motors are capable of quickly adapting seating positions in a pre-crash scenario, aiming at the avoidance of submarining or high spinal compression.

Brose Sitech
Brose Sitech, the Joint Venture between Brose and Volkswagen for automotive seats will be introducing two technologies to the North American market: a sustainable seat featuring 100% recyclable trim material and a climate seat with cooling for backrest and seat cushion. Brose Sitech brings extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing complete seat systems. With an ambitious growth plan, the company is committed to support customers designing future oriented and sustainable mobile living spaces.

Excellence in Thermal Management
The growth of the electric car segment with its optimized and flexible cooling architecture, has allowed Brose to increase its system scope within the thermal management segment, introducing cooling fan modules with integrated heat exchangers. For the first time, Brose designs and integrates a radiator in its cooling fan module, allowing for maximum thermal performance. With cost savings and ease-of-assembly in mind, vehicle manufacturers now have the option to buy one unit instead of two for the same functionality. The innovative system significantly increases the efficiency of electric cars, without compromising on comfort. With its long-standing history of cooling fan module development and production using integrated BLDC motors, Brose offers an exceptional proven history with the required modularity, acoustics and durability to meet electrification market needs.

New drives for micromobility
The share of electrically powered two-wheelers is increasing, mostly in urban areas, and Brose supports this trend. For e-bikes, the company has already established itself as a system supplier for drives, displays and batteries. Transferring their extensive knowledge of drive systems from the automotive industry to e-bikes, the products are customized to perfectly match use cases: from casual city rides to demanding mountain trails. Now Brose has transferred its expertise to other areas of micromobility with new drive concepts for e-scooters. The compact and lightweight system requires less package space, which positively impacts the scooter’s weight. This gives the vehicles an extended range and agile handling. Manufacturers also benefit from a cost-efficient product and have a much easier time expanding their market share thanks to competitive pricing.

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