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Innovative, dynamic and challenging – how Morteza Djebeli Sinaki sees his work at Brose

Bamberg, 12-13-2023

The book "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov got Morteza Djebeli Sinaki interested in electronics and robotics at an early age, so he studied electrical engineering after finishing school. Djebeli Sinaki has been working in the automotive industry since 2010 and has been Head of the Basic Software & Methods team in our Central Electronics Division (ZEL) since March 2023. Together with his team, he develops software that enables new mobility experiences in combination with hardware components.

Mr. Djebeli Sinaki, what trends are you and your team currently focusing on in your work?

When getting into the vehicle, the driver activates the seat heating and it automatically adjusts to an individually preconfigured temperature. Such product trends are driven by the growing need for individualization and comfort on the part of end customers. Both hardware and software are needed to create this kind of functionality, and they have to be precisely tailored to each other. My team and I are working to ensure that the software for such functions runs efficiently and optimally on the smallest possible control unit. We support the realization of such product trends and also deal with general software trends. This includes, for example, the integration of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT into our software programs. At Brose, we work with colleagues from Pune/India to evaluate and process such trends across all locations.

What challenges does this pose?

For me, the key aspects of managing my multicultural team are knowledge transfer and good communication. It is important to me that the colleagues from the central department based in Bamberg share their expertise with the Indian team members and provide them with technical training. If everyone is on the same page, tasks can be completed much faster and without errors. We achieve a uniform approach to problems through regular, clear and open communication with each other. I see both challenges and opportunities in the different views of methods, processes and approaches of German and Indian employees. The different approaches to solutions allow us to think outside the box and provide new ways of thinking.

Morteza Djebeli Sinaki is passionate about robotics and software and has been leading a multicultural team at Brose since March 2023.

There are also new approaches in the automotive industry in the field of electronics. What are they and what role will Brose play in them?

At the moment, every functionality in the car requires its own control unit that responds to the corresponding hardware. In the premium segment, for example, some vehicles now have up to 150 control units. This high number results in a high level of complexity, for example regarding the wiring in the vehicle. The automotive industry is therefore working on the development of a central system with a main computer. This means that one control unit could then control all the functions of a seat, such as heating, massage function or backrest adjustment. At Brose, we network our mechatronic components with sensors and software to create intelligent systems. In this way, we enable innovative functions and create new mobility experiences that meet the desire for more individualization, flexibility and comfort.

What else do you think sets Brose apart?

Brose is not afraid to try out new technologies. The aspiration to always deliver the best quality is deeply rooted in our family-owned company. That is why we are always looking for innovations that help us to become even better. As an automotive supplier, Brose also operates in a very dynamic environment in which new trends emerge and have to be evaluated at ever shorter intervals. This also has an impact on the development time for software solutions. We often have no more than a year available for programming.

Finally, let's take another look at your team – what makes it special?

I am impressed and happy that I have developers and experts in my team who have been with Brose for over 15 years. They enrich the team with a wealth of knowledge, their courage to make good decisions independently and a good network within our family-owned company. For me, this is what primarily characterizes my team and motivates me to promote the strengths of each individual and to tackle challenges together.