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Auburn Hills

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As a successful family-owned company on a path to global growth, the Brose Group offers challenging responsibilities and exciting career opportunities to performance-driven, skilled specialists with solid professional knowledge and proven career expertise who wish to contribute to our company’s success.

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  • What we bring to the table:
  • F: (Family) Our owners place the company’s interest ahead of their own. Thus, we will grow in a profitable and self-financed way and maintain our family-owned company’s independence.
  • I: (Innovation) We set standards with innovative mechatronic systems and components, securing a leading market position with the best price-performance ratio.
  • R: (Respect) Our employees, especially our managers, are role models. Aware of our social obligation, we act fairly towards employees on all levels and at all locations
  • S: (Success) We deliver top performance to our customers. Therefore, we set the highest quality standards for ourselves and partners.
  • T: (Team) Our shareholders, board members and employees collaborate based on trust, take clear and fast decisions, and assume responsibility for their actions.
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