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Brose Tuscaloosa, USA

Brose Tuscaloosa, Inc
10100 Brose Drive
Vance, AL 35490, United States of America

Brose Tuscaloosa,USA

Plant: Start of operations 2004

Production: Door systems, cooling fan modules, seat adjusters

Customers: BMW, Ford, Daimler, VW

Awards: Alabama Quality Award Team Showcase(2007), AAMA “Outstanding Automotive Supplier in Alabama” (2007, 2008), Brose BPS Award (2009), AAMA Best of Class „Supplier of the Year“ (2009), Daimler Supplier Award (2012), Ford Q1 Award (2018)

Certification: IATF 16949, ISO 14001:2004

Why an apprenticeship at Brose North America?

Our apprenticeship programs prepare you for a career in advanced manufacturing by combining on-the-job and in-the-classroom training. If you desire to further your education after graduating from the Brose apprenticeship program, Brose offers additional tuition reimbursement to obtain degrees in work-related fields such as mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and industrial engineer.

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Jobs at Brose Tuscaloosa

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