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Symposium at the Brose Kids Club: Learning has to be fun

More than 20 representatives from Coburg educational institutions met to exchange information and ideas for the “Learning” symposium at the Brose Kids Club.

More than 20 representatives from Coburg educational institutions met to exchange information and ideas for the “Learning” symposium at the Brose Kids Club.

Coburg, 2010-11-10

About 25 representatives from different Coburg educational institutions met for the first time last week for a symposium on “Learning” at the “Brose Kids Club.”

The goal of the meeting was an in-depth and professional exchange of information and ideas on education-related topics. In addition, the cooperation between the company’s own educational and care facility and the local educational institutions is to be improved. For these discussions, the primary focus was on gathering initial ideas for a future cooperation.

In his lecture entitled “How the brain of children and adolescents learns – neurobiological foundations of learning,” guest speaker Prof. Stephan Kröger of the Institute of Physiology at the University of Munich (LMU) explained how the learning process works, and presented the “rules” the brain uses to learn and the consequences this should have for learning content.

This is his advice: “Provide as much sensory input as possible, since only 5% of teacher-centered instruction is retained, while learning success with individual and active trial and error is at 75%.”

To guarantee learning success, there is no way around constant repetition. Motivation is particularly important for this: “Children react to praise,” according to Prof. Kröger. Praise promotes self-confidence and self-awareness since “learning has to be fun,” which is the scientist’s conviction.

Successful learning can only take place for children in an environment in which knowledge is considered to be important, be it within the family or among friends. One’s own teaching method also has to be critically assessed in this context. Things that are appropriate for children are primarily colorful, fun, creative and intuitive.

Following Prof. Kröger’s lecture, Dorothea Schaufler, Head of the Brose Kids Club, introduced the concept of the education and care facility to the guests. At present, about 20 to 35 children of employees make use of this afternoon club. Schaufler reported that the vacation club is also very popular.

According to Schaufler, the Brose children’s and youth academy’s trimesters provide good starting points for pushing forward a cooperation arrangement with other educational institutions, since the courses of this academy are not only open to children of employees, but to other interested parties as well.

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