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Reputable and innovative

Brose is the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. Every second new car worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product. Including the joint venture Brose Sitech, the company employs 30,000 people at around 70 locations in 25 countries. For 2022, the Brose Group expects a turnover of more than 7 billion euros. With numerous patent applications per year, Brose is one of Germany’s most innovative companies.

Business Development

In fiscal year 2021, the corporate group generated sales of 5.4 billion euros. The 5 percent increase in sales compared with the previous year was slightly above the general trend in automotive production. Brose Sitech, the joint venture with Volkswagen, has been included since 2022. Sales are expected to increase to over 7 billion euros in this year.


The Brose Group currently supplies around 80 automotive brands, over 40 suppliers and 50 e-bike manufacturers.