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Staying active and well

Supporting the wellness of our employees is a priority for us; Brose is most successful when our employees are at their best. We encourage our employees to be active, live healthy lifestyles, and to build team spirit with their colleagues through our company sports teams. Brose provides a variety of programs and activities to help them achieve these goals.

Wellness Fairs

Health and wellness is very important to Brose on a global level. All US facilities hold a wellness event annually at each location to promote the importance of staying active and healthy. Our wellness fairs are some of our most successful events. During these events, health and wellness vendors speak with our employees about healthy eating, fitness, and PPE safety.

Brose Soccer Teams and Championship

To encourage friendly competition and healthy activities with our employees, some of our locations in our North American region have a soccer team and compete internally for a championship trophy. It promotes team spirit and cooperation among the teams and it also promotes integration and team building activities within the plant.

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Brose supports its employees who participate at the Detroit Free Press Marathon which is a great opportunity as they offer varied races for employees to challenge themselves, push their limits, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Detroit.