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Brose can look back on more than 110 years of corporate history. The steady growth of our family-owned company has increased its influence and impact on society and the environment and will continue to do so in the future.


As a basis for our actions, we have created a uniform understanding of values in our family-owned company and laid it down in our FIRST principles. The shareholders, supervisory board and executive board have jointly defined and laid down these principles. Our employees and management can always rely on these as well as our customers and business partners.


The family does not only include the shareholders, but all employees worldwide.


We are constantly improving our product range and our internal processes.


To maintain our independence and finance the company's development, we generate a sustainable return.


Speed in all processes and decisions is an important success factor.


Instead of pursuing individual interests, we work together for the good of the company.

Compliance Managementsystem

Brose operates a compliance management system and thus provides a binding framework for conduct that complies with the law and regulations. In addition to various preventive and control measures, this also includes internal guidelines such as the Brose Code of Conduct and other compliance guidelines - particularly in the areas of antitrust law and anti-corruption. The compliance management system is supplemented by the Brose whistleblower system and training courses.

Incident Reporting System

The Brose whistleblower system enables all employees, our business partners and third parties to report confidential information about possible violations of the law. This also includes information on violations of human rights due diligence obligations in our supply chain and business units as well as reports on security gaps, vulnerabilities or incidents relating to our products.

You can find everything you need to know in our Rules of Procedure for Whistleblowers.

Report incident

Alternatively, the internal reporting office can also be contacted using the following options:

Brose Fahrzeugteile SE & Co. KG, Coburg
ZRE/Compliance (internal reporting office)
Attn. of Thomas Schüssel
Max-Brose-Straße 196450 Coburg


In person
By prior appointment via

Brose Code of Conduct

Mutual respect, honesty and fairness in dealing with work colleagues and business partners as well as ethically correct and compliant behavior have been anchored by our family-owned company in the Brose Code of Conduct. The Brose Code of Conduct is binding for all employees and managers and underscores the importance of compliance at Brose.

Brose Code of Conduct.pdf

Sustainability strategy

The issue of sustainability is becoming an increasingly decisive competitive factor in our industry. Nevertheless, we are not only thinking about the economic future of the company but are also committed to the society in which we operate, the people we work with and the environment we need to live.

Brose sustainability strategy.pdf

Find out more about sustainability here

Your contact for compliance and sustainability

Thomas Schüssel
Thomas Schüssel Group Compliance Officer +49 9561 21 7872 E-mail
Dr. Alexander Löhner
Dr. Alexander Löhner Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer +49 9561 21 2819 E-mail