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Assemblies – Delivered to specifications

Mechanical system assemblies are delivered ready to be installed in order to speed up the assembly process and increase our productivity. The same applies to Bowden cables for our window regulator, seat and closure systems. Both are produced according to our own specifications. We expect a high level of production stability and flexibility from our suppliers as well as active involvement in continuous product improvements and developments.

Bowden cables

Pre-finished bowden cables for window regulators, latches and seat adjusters, including cable, metal- and plastic components according to specification

Rivet assembly

Rivet, Press- and Clinchcomponents for seat rails and side panels

Functional devices like locking systems and recliners for seat and backrest systems

Pre-finished assemblies

Assemblies for window regulator and seat adjusters
Pre-finished simple and complex mechanically connected assemblies, containing metal, plastics and bent parts as well as wires

Mechanical assemblies
Partly assembled by semi-automatic up to full-automatic assembly machines

Gearing mechanism

Planetary gears, spindle gears for seats

Development according to specification or production according to drawing, including acoustic testing