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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Brose offer relocation assistance?

    Yes, depending on the current location of the future employee, Brose will offer relocation assistance or a relocation bonus.

  • What should I prepare for before interviewing with Brose?

    You will receive detailed information, specific to every position, prior to your interview from Human Resources to prepare for each interview.

  • How can I apply to Brose if I do not see a job that right for me?

    You can on our Careers website by submitting a General Application or send your application to .

  • How long does the application process take?

    Once your application is sent, you will receive a confirmation email. Human Resources will contact you within 1 week.

  • What type of benefits does Brose offer?

    Brose offers medical, dental, vision, life, and a 401K plan. You can find more information on our policy at:

  • Does Brose have a 401K policy?

    Yes, Brose offers full time employees a 401K plan with company contributions.

  • Is Brose a public company?

    Brose has been around since 1908 and is still privately held and family owned.

  • Does Brose offer training?

    Brose offers its employees opportunities for both internal and external trainings. The company also provides tuition reimbursement for formal education.

  • Who are Brose’s customers?

    Brose is both a tier 1 & 2 automotive supplier. Our customers include major OEMs and other suppliers. You can find a list of our customers at:

  • What are the products Brose offers?

    Brose has three main product groups

    Doors: windows regulators, door modules, latch mini modules, power lift gates

    Seats: first, second and third row seats, seat components and comfort features

    Drives: cooling fan modules, window regulator motors, electric oil pumps and air gate modules

    You can find more information on our products at:

  • Are there opportunities for international assignments?

    Yes, Brose offers several different long term and short term expatriate assignments. Those are listed on our internal site for all employees to view and apply for.

  • Are there networking opportunities at Brose?

    Yes, Brose has many ways to promote networking within our organization. We have an open office environment which promotes communication, several common areas where employees can mingle and a connecting lunch where employees can meet individuals from different departments or groups.

  • What if I want to explore a different career path, does Brose have internal movement?

    Brose offers several different training opportunities for individuals to grow, develop and explore new career paths. Brose encourages internal movement.