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Frankfurt am Main

Brose presents smallest and lightest HVAC blower

Brose präsentiert kleinstes und leichtestes Heizgebläse

The use of a brushless motor with rare earth magnets reduces the weight of Brose's HVAC blower by some 700 grams compared to brushed variants. In addition, the overall length of these drives can be reduced by around 40 mm.

· Brushless blower with a power range between 250 to 300 watt
· Highest efficiency available on the market with more than 80%
· Weight reduction by 700 grams compared to brushed variant
· Operating life of more than 10,000 hours

Frankfurt am Main, 2011-14-09

The automotive supplier Brose is one of the leading suppliers for HVAC blowers with more than 250 million units sold. At the 2011 IAA, the mechatronic specialist demonstrates its expertise in this product group once again: perfectly attuned mechanics, electronics and software provide a new variant optimized in terms of weight and performance, achieving an efficiency of 80 percent which makes it the highest available on the market.

The advantage of the new blower lies in its operating principle: the use of a brushless motor with rare earth magnets reduces the weight by some 700 grams compared to brushed variants. In addition, the overall length of these drives could be reduced by some 40 mm, thus giving OEMs more freedom in design of the already limited package space of HVAC blowers.

Another benefit is the electromagnetic compatibility of brushless motors in vehicles, which is considerably better than that of the brushed variant. Since carbon brushes, which are prone to tear and wear, are no longer required, the operating life has increased to more than 10,000 hours. By way of comparison: the operating life of an HVAC blower with brushed motor is just 3,000 hours under specified test conditions.

Last but not least, its noise behavior is another argument in favor of Brose's lightweight blower motor: with less than 40 dB(A) it ranges among the most silent systems available on the market.

Brose distinguishes itself on the market with weight and package space savings in the double-digit percentage range not only in HVAC blowers, but also in the latest generation of electric parking brakes. Consistent development of brushless drives in nearly all product areas has not only brought about weight optimization but also a considerable improvement in EMC properties in the vehicle. Moreover, Brose is pursuing a strategy of integrating its in-house electronic know-how into drives with the aim of providing OEMs with complete solutions.

Worldwide motor competence

In almost all major areas of the vehicle using electro-mechanical components, Brose ranks in first or second place on the market: the mechatronic specialist is the worldwide leader in pump drives for electronic braking systems (EBS), drive train actuators and cooling fan modules; in the field of electric power steering and HVAC blowers, Brose is one of the leading suppliers.

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