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Internship Program at Brose

Our internship program offers a dynamic opportunity for individuals eager to immerse themselves in Brose’s mission. Our program provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and meaningful projects designed to build a diverse skill set. Interns engage in a collaborative environment, gaining invaluable insights into our industry while contributing fresh perspectives to our team. With flexible scheduling and tailored learning opportunities, our internship equips students with practical skills, fosters professional growth, and creates a foundation for future career endeavors.

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Student Status: Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university.

Field of Study: Studying in a relevant field related to the internship's focus, such as marketing, engineering, finance, or design.

Minimum GPA: A 3.0 GPA or higher throughout the internship duration.

Skills and Abilities: Possess certain skills or competencies relevant to the role, such as communication skills, technical abilities, or familiarity with specific software or tools.

Availability: Candidates should be available during the specified period, whether it's during the summer, a semester, or a year-round program.

Passion and Interest: Demonstrating genuine interest in the field or industry through coursework, extracurricular activities, or previous experiences.

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Year Round vs. Seasonal Internships

Year Round vs. Seasonal: Our year round students have the opportunity to work throughout the calendar year and Seasonal internships runs through the summer months (May – August). All internships hours are between employee and manager discretion based on school schedule.

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Internship Culture

Brose's internship culture is vibrant, emphasizing learning, collaboration, and empowerment. Interns are valued contributors, embraced for their diverse perspectives and encouraged to engage in meaningful projects aligned with their interests. They work alongside experienced professionals who provide mentorship while fostering independent thinking. The company prioritizes hands-on experiences and continuous learning through workshops and networking opportunities. Interns become part of a supportive community where collaboration is celebrated, fostering personal growth, professional development, and lasting relationships. Brose's commitment extends beyond the internship, aiming to equip interns with the tools and connections for a successful future.

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Cada Kato

"I enjoy interning at Brose because it has challenged me in many ways that have helped me grow as a student and in ways that I know will be beneficial for my career. I’ve learned plenty from validation to general organizational tasks that I can take with me anywhere. Critical thinking, pushing through obstacles, and communication were some of many things Brose has helped me improve on."

Cada Kato -Test Engineer Intern promoted to full time opportunity as Project Engineer, Brose North America

Electrical Engineering, Oakland University

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Jonathan Sawa

"I enjoy interning at Brose because of the warm and inclusive workplace environment. It feels like one big family, and that sense of togetherness is something I truly appreciate. Additionally, working at Brose has been a valuable learning experience for me, as I've been able to expand my knowledge and skills in my chosen career path. I'm grateful for the opportunities my team gives me to contribute to various projects."

Jonathan Sawa - Information Technology Intern, Brose North America

Information Technology, Oakland University

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Angela Simoski

"I like interning at Brose because I am trusted with responsibilities that make me feel like I am adding value, also the fact that everyone is very kind and helpful. Brose’s “FIRST” principles are something I truly agree with and the teams I’m on embody these principles every day. I also like the community that Brose has and that you are always pushed to become the best version of yourself and to always Be Better than Yesterday."

Angela Simoski - Production Intern, Brose North America

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Oakland University

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Noah Newhouse

"Working as an intern at Brose has been a great learning opportunity for me. I have learned the ins and outs of all things recruiting and I continue to learn more, each and every day. I have an awesome team that has been there to coach me and support my development, throughout the duration of my internship. At Brose, interns aren´t treated as interns or given "intern-like" tasks, but treated and tasked as a full-time employee, as well as an integral part of the Brose team."

Noah Newhouse - Health and Safety Intern promoted to full time opportunity as an Environment Health and Safety Lead, Brose New Boston

Environmental Geology, University of Toledo

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