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Apprenticeship Programs at Brose

Our award-winning Brose Apprenticeship Programs prepare you for a career in advanced manufacturing by combining on-the-job and in-the-classroom training. 
You will earn your Associate's Degree while getting paid* to work at Brose. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have highly marketable skills and the ability to work in over 10 different departments and over 15 different professions.

*Compensation can be a combination of tuition reimbursement, hourly wages, and a living stipend. Exact amount varies by location and can be discussed during interviews.

Brose Karriere: Ausbildung
Brose Karriere: Ausbildung

Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program

Mechatronics is the application of mechanical components with electrical control and actuation. In this program you will learn machining, sensors, wiring, robotics, PLC programing, and other skills. This program provides students a three-year career pathway to success as they alternate between classroom training and on the job, paid work experience.

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Mechatronics Program

Mechatronics (MAT² Program)

Location: New Boston, Michigan
Length of Program: 3 years
Compensation Structure: Paid books and tuition, $200 Weekly school stipend while in school, hourly wage for hours worked at Brose, wage match for existing employees
- Associates Degree
- DOL Journeyman's Card
- IHK Mechatronics Certificate
Minimum GPA: 2.0
Skills and Abilities:
- Strong problem-solving skills, creativity and communication skills
- Self accountability

Requirements: High school Diploma or GED
Post-Apprentice Program:
- Apprentices must commit to staying at Brose for 2 years
- Opportunities to continue education utilizing tuition our reimbursement program
Job Opportunities Post Apprenticeship: Mechatronics Technician, Testing Technician, Electronics Technician, Acoustics Specialist, Fastening Specialist, Welding Technician, Quality Technician, Paint Technician, Prototype Technician
Apply now for our Michigan Apprenticeship program:
Mechatronics Apprentice

3 Year Apprenticeship Model

Brose's apprenticeship model facilitates hands-on learning for apprentices across various departments, working alongside skilled journey workers within the profession over a span of three years. The program's departmental rotations are tailored to each individual apprentice's strengths and may vary between locations. This personalized approach ensures that apprentices receive comprehensive training while adapting to the unique needs of different sites.

Brose Training Center Rotation

Rotating work assignments during the first year will involve training at the center to learn the basics of Mechatronics. In the second and third years, rotations will occur across various departments tailored to individual strengths. Finally, the last rotation will occur in the department demonstrating the highest level of success. Upon graduation, the possibility of a full-time position in that department may be offered.

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship, Brose Training Center Rotation

Henry Ford College Course Outline

Our apprenticeship programs partner with local community colleges. Together we have developed a curriculum designed not only to receive an associates degree but also to optimize relevance by omitting non-essential coursework. This outline displays the core classes in our program minus the degree required classes such as English.

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Henry Ford Schedule

Apprenticeship = Successful Career

As you scroll to the right you can read the paths each former apprentice took and what the future holds for them now.

Brose US Careers - Team Photo

Bradley Knoll

"Being an apprentice at Brose was a great way to start my career. I got to experience different departments and learn what I enjoyed doing which set me up for success in a company with many advancement opportunities."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Bradley Knoll

Trevor McCormick

"Before joining the apprenticeship, I went to college and felt like I lacked direction with my future. The apprenticeship program gave me the direction needed along with the application of what we were learning in school at work."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Trevor McCormick

Brianna Warnke

"The Apprenticeship program with Brose offered me a career path that aligned with my machines shop class that was my favorite class in high school. While having an apprenticeship trainer made the college experience and company trainer much easier. To top it off the free college and books allowed me to begin my career debt-free and set me up to continue with my bachelors."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Brianna Warnke

Issiah Johnson

"The Apprenticeship offered me the invaluable opportunity to build and advance practical skills with the guidance of experienced mentors and experts. This program is giving me the opportunity to build my career without falling into debt from paying for school."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Issiah Johnson

Walter Lopez-Romero

"I joined the MAT2 program to improve my knowledge of mechatronics while making a career out of it. Being accepted to the apprenticeship program I can achieve both practical education at school and practical work experience, allowing me to learn more than I expected. This program I believe will enable me excel within the company and receive great opportunities."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Walter Lopez Romero

Arturo Spann

"The apprenticeship program gives me a chance to go back to school while pursuing a career I am interested in providing me a better life for me and my son, while giving my life purpose."

Brose US Careers - Apprenticeship Arturo Spann

Apprenticeships program in Tuscaloosa (Vance) Alabama

Location: Vance, Alabama
Length of Program: 3 years
Program Track: Mechatronics Technician
Compensation Structure: Hourly wage while working, weekly stipend while in school
Partner School: Lawson State Community College

- High school diploma (minimum 3.0 GPA)
- Ability to lift and carry objects up to 20 lbs
Post-Degree: Opportunities to continue education and benefit from Brose’s tuition reimbursement program
Job Opportunities: Acoustics Specialist, Fastening Specialist, Welding Specialist, Maintenance Technician, Quality Lab Technician

2022 GACC Apprenticeship Award

Brose North America is a three-time award-winning recipient of the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) “Apprenticeship Award”. We were awarded for our “comprehensive and supportive approach to training apprentices and dedication to investing in German-style apprenticeships in the US”.

They go on to mention that we are “strongly committed to the success of each of their apprentices, offering additional opportunities for growth and development including tuition reimbursement and monthly training.”

To read more please read the press release.