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Auburn Hills, Michigan

Brose to Showcase Future Mobility Tech and Discuss EV Design Solutions at Motor Bella 2021

Auburn Hills, Michigan, 09-15-2021

Brose North America, a technological leader in mechatronics, is innovating at a rapid pace as the automotive industry ushers in an era of electrification. Join Brose as the company presents its vision for the future alongside its most advanced mobility solutions in a private garage at the auto-centric Motor Bella event, Sept. 21-22, 2021, taking place at the M1 Concourse.

“The automotive industry is in a transformative period,” said Wilm Uhlenbecker, president of Brose North America. “Development lead times are shrinking and suppliers are collaborating more than ever with automakers to create technologies we wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago. Brose North America is excited to bring its most advanced product innovations, designed to support next-generation mobility, to this important industry event.”

Power Dropgate

Diversifying Brose’s product portfolio is a power dropgate drive designed by teams in North America and Europe. This new offering leverages the company’s side door drive technology, packing its core functionality into a more compact, lighter weight system. Designed with pickup trucks in mind, the power dropgate drive simplifies loading and adds convenience by powering the opening of traditional tailgate configurations, split swing doors and expendable steps. The production-ready system is available as a whole system with a control unit and closure system.

Seat capabilities for BEV and autonomous vehicles

Drawing on its decades of mechatronics expertise, Brose is a leader in flexible interiors and multi-functional seating systems that adapt to dynamic driving scenarios. As the development of autonomous driving systems speeds and consumer demands are increasingly more focused on interior comfort and convenience, Brose’s brushless motor innovation delivers an integrated electronics package designed in support of the rapid transition to future flexible interior seating functionality. This solution features best-in-class acoustics, reduced weight and improved in-seat packaging tailor-made to accommodate the BEV environment, and simplified wire harness and electronic control unit systems. Brushless motors are also a game changer to keep occupants safe in All Belts to Seat (ABTS) comfort seats. Brose’s high power brushless motor is capable of quickly returning the occupant to a crash-optimized position to avoid submarining or high spinal compression.

Competence in thermal management

Efficient and tailored temperature control solutions comprise Brose’s thermal management product division. Brose applies its core expertise to its electric climate compressor, designed to provide air conditioning both for a vehicle’s interior and the battery in hybrid and electric vehicles. The compressor, which can be used with vehicle electric systems from 48 V to 800 V and 5 cc to 55 cc for hybrid and electric drivetrains, can also be used as a heat pump. With a high-power density and availability in extreme conditions, this technology also helps maximize battery range.

Industry panel highlights Brose expertise

As part of the AutoMobili-D Technology Showcase at Motor Bella, industry experts will discuss the rapidly changing automotive manufacturing environment as part of a panel titled, “EVolution at the Speed of Thought,” which takes place at the M1 Concourse event center on Sept. 21, 10:45 a.m.

Robert Heltsley, director of assembly technology and component engineering, will represent Brose on the panel and discuss how the company’s rapid response approach is supporting the ever-increasing demands of an evolving industry.

“Brose’s approach shifted from sequential to simultaneous, leveraging automation and simulation to remain one step ahead,” said Heltsley. “Through continuous improvement, we’ve successfully met our customers’ demands to provide the advanced mobility solutions required for the vehicles of tomorrow as the industry works collectively toward a more sustainable future.” To see Brose’s advanced mobility solutions up close, register for now for access to the technology leader’s private garage at MotorBella, here .

About Brose

Brose is the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. Every second new car worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product. The company's intelligent solutions for vehicle access and interiors provide greater comfort and flexibility. Innovative concepts for thermal management increase efficiency and contribute to environmental and climate protection. Brose's systems understanding enables new functions in all kinds of vehicles - whether on four or two wheels. Around 25,000 employees at 65 locations in 24 countries generated a turnover of 5.1 billion euros in 2020.

About Brose North America

Brose has been a committed partner to the North American market since 1993. The mechatronics specialist now counts twelve locations across Canada, the United States and Mexico and employs approximately 6,000 people in the region. The entire range of Brose products is manufactured throughout the North American facilities, from door modules and seat systems to drives and electronics.

About MotorBella

The North American International Auto Show announced the show has been placed on pause for 2021. Instead, an auto-centric event, Motor Bella, will be held at M1 Concourse, Pontiac, MI, in September 2021. This new event will bring next-generation mobility and exciting vehicle debuts to media, show-goers and the automotive enthusiasts’ world in a never before experienced way while also addressing continued COVID-19 concerns about indoor events.

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