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Sicher mit System Seal of Approval for Brose Plant in Meerane

Meerane, 09-25-2008

Brose’s plant in Meerane, Saxony, has received the coveted “Sicher mit System” (SmS) seal of approval from Berufsgenossenschaft Metall Nord Süd (BGM), an institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention. Brose’s Rastatt plant received this certificate in early August. Harald Plettau, supervisor and auditor for BGM, presented the award to Brose plant manager Jörg Graichen and director of plant facilities and safety expert Rico Weigelt on September 22, 2008, in Meerane.

In order to receive this seal of approval, a plant must perform very well in the evaluation criteria relevant to health and safety at work. Additionally, the company’s essential business procedures are examined and taken into consideration before the institution makes its decision.

“Only 48 of the 95,000 companies that are insured by BGM have received our seal of approval to date,” explained Harald Plettau at the official award ceremony. With a score of 132 out of a possible 134 points, the Meerane Brose plant has the best rating thus far. “In addition to high safety standards and ongoing efforts to avoid unnecessary work loads, it was the practical implementation of
occupational safety management theory in particular that impressed me. For this reason, I am pleased to be able to present Brose Meerane with the certificate for the seal of approval,” continued Plettau.

Brose plant manager Jörg Graichen: “In our family business, we place a great deal of importance on the welfare of our employees, and it is an essential component of our company culture. We are pleased by this recognition, which is also an indication of our workers’ above-average dedication.” The plant manager emphasized that the idea to apply for BGM’s seal of approval came from among the employees at the Meerane plant. “In the future, we will continue our efforts to perform at the highest level in all company divisions,” he said.

Door Systems from Meerane – Just in Sequence since 1997

In January 1997, Brose’s Meerane plant became operational, manufacturing door systems for VW Zwickau in the Meerane industrial area. In the plant’s highly automated facilities, seals are affixed to the module supports and the door systems are fitted with cable harness, door control unit, lock, speaker and additional attachments.

Approximately 8,000 units are assembled daily in up to 1,000 variants and directly transported to the customer’s assembly line, perfectly in step with vehicle production. Thus, Brose’s products are pretested and ready to be installed at the automobile manufacturer, just in sequence and a mere 180 minutes after order placement. “It is only with innovative products and efficient assembly techniques and organization that we can profitably manufacture in a high-wage country like Germany,” continued plant manager Graichen. Currently, approximately 170 workers are employed at the Brose plant in Meerane.

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