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Brose Innovation Award goes to employees for outstanding performance

Coburg/Würzburg, 12-14-2009

For the fourteenth time, Brose has presented its Innovation Award to employees who have made special contributions to the company through their ideas and achievements. This year’s award for the best product innovation was given to a development team from Coburg, and that for the best process went to a team from Würzburg.

“Best Product” award for development of Variostop®

The award for the most creative new product was won by five employees from Coburg for developing the Variostop® infinite door check, which made its debut at this year’s IAA. Whereas conventional multistage door checks open only at predetermined angles and leave little maneuvering room for drivers and passengers in tight parking spaces, the Variostop® system is continuously variable, allowing the door to be opened to any position required, even when the car is parked on a slope. An optional electronic collision detector protects the door from damage.

“Best Process” award for new manufacturing method

Three Würzburg employees received the award in the “Best Process” category for implementing an idea in motor production. Their new method permits a ring magnet to be affixed automatically to the rotor core. Spacers mixed into the adhesive ensure that the distance
between the core and the magnet is always correct. Brose can now do without conventional placement methods, in which centering devices held the magnets in position throughout the process. The new method not only significantly cuts the outlays for investment, it reduces the number of working steps, which shortens processing times. Moreover, the ring magnets have better concentricity. The spacers contained in the adhesive greatly improve the alignment of the magnet on the shaft. This reduces imbalance, improves the motor’s acoustics and makes it sturdier.

The Brose Innovation Award, which includes a monetary prize, is presented each year to employees who, by showing special creativity, have improved the Group’s performance and helped to achieve sustainable cost savings. Their contributions are essential to Brose’s continued success in the highly competitive automotive supplier market. Teams from 14 locations around the world competed for this year’s award. A total of 25 ideas for product and processes were submitted to the jury for evaluation.

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