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Brose Incheon, South Korea

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16506 경기도 수원시 영통구 광교로 156
광교비즈니스센터 10층 , Südkorea

Brose Incheon Brose Korea Ltd Outdoor
Brose Incheon: Brose Korea Ltd Indoor

Brose Group

Brose is one of the five largest family-owned automotive suppliers in the world. Every third new car is equipped with at least one Brose product. The mechatronics specialist develops and manufactures systems for vehicle doors, liftgates and seats. Brose also produces electric motors from 200 watts to 14 kilowatts for various applications such as steering, thermal management or drives for e-bikes and e-scooters. The company employs around 32,000 people at 68 locations in 24 countries. In 2023, the Brose Group generated a turnover of around eight billion euros.

More about the Brose Group here (english)

Brose Korea

Brose Korea has been founded in 2003, and currently has two locations; an engineering and sales office in Suwon and an assembly plant in Songdo, Incheon.

We are a well-established supplier of Hyundai/Kia, Renault Samsung and SSangyong Motors for all of our three divisions: Door systems, seat systems and drives.

In 2011, Mando-Brose was established as a 50/50 Joint Venture partnership with Mando. Mando-Brose develops and produces electric motors, primarily for Mando’s power steering systems.

Brose Mando

Mechatronic components and systems for automobiles

Our core expertise lies in the interaction of mechanical, electric, electronic and sensor systems. As a partner to the international automobile industry, Brose supplies around 80 car brands and over 40 suppliers with mechatronic systems for doors, seats and electric motors and drives. Although usually not visible to the driver, they provide comfort, safety and efficiency. Every second new vehicle worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product.

Brose Produktträger / Brose Product Beam

We have an obligation to do our bit

As a global company, we play an active part in shaping our social environment. We promote sport, cultural, educational and social projects that impart important values on young people in particular and improve their education and circumstances.

Performance is rewarded

As an international, family-owned company, we act according to the principle: performance + responsibility = results. We expect our employees to be highly involved and our impressive benefits package creates a motivating working environment.

At Brose we value continuity, sustainability, short decision-making processes and unbureaucratic workflows more than hierarchies. We are quick to transfer responsibility and give you ample scope in organizing your work. This is why we expect you to have comprehensive expertise, an exceptional aptitude for learning and a high level of dedication. We are seeking people who will provide impetus, who work well in a team and who bring vision, passion and persistence to the table. In short: employees with strong personal and professional qualities.

The “Brose Arbeitswelt”: Efficient working conditions

One of the reasons for our success as a technology company is our employees’ willingness to embrace change. Being dynamic and flexible are strengths that we consistently transfer to the Brose working environment. We want our employees to grow in line with their capabilities and tasks. And we have created the technical and structural framework for this with a flexible office concept and variable working hours – including performance-based pay.

The “Brose Arbeitswelt”: Efficient working conditions

Every day is international at Brose

Every workday at Brose is international when you are communicating with so many project teams in so many different languages in our locations around the world. Many of our employees in development, manufacturing and administration are already an integral part of a global network – not only within the Brose Group but also with customers, partners and suppliers. And more and more employees now work for limited periods at our international locations – for example during temporary or longer-term foreign assignments.

Every day is international at Brose

Part of our family with exemplary social benefits

As a family-owned business, Brose is committed to providing its employees attractive social benefits. For example, the full package includes a modern occupational health management program, company sports programs. We also offer a comprehensive training and education program to foster our employees' development throughout their careers.

Part of our family with exemplary social benefits

Brose Incheon, South Korea


21990 인천광역시 연수구 첨단대로
60번길 75 , Südkorea

Brose Incheon: Brose Korea Ltd Indoor