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Apprenticeships at Brose: Your foundation for the future

Whatever your secondary education: we offer you more than one type of apprenticeship. If you perform well and are eager to learn, an apprenticeship can be the key to a long-term career here at Brose. Whether at home or abroad.

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Eager to learn

Dedication, initiative, a thirst for knowledge, motivation, a sense of responsibility and team spirit are characteristics that all Brose employees have in common. As our apprentice, you are member of the Brose family and identify with our corporate values. And you’re never satisfied with what you have achieved; instead, you’re always striving to learn more about your respective field. Are you passionate about these ideals? Then embark upon your career at our company, even without a university degree.

Brose Apprenticeship - Eager to learn

Apprenticeship is the foundation stone

Whether you’re a qualified specialist, office employee or academic professional: everyone can have a successful career at Brose. What’s most important to us is your willingness to work hard to accomplish what you set out to achieve with motivation and dedication here at the Brose Group. It all starts on your very first day of training. And it continues far beyond the completion of your apprenticeship here. As your professional expertise grows, doors will open to you for a responsible position on one of our career paths. What counts most is your ambition and your desire to continually learn and improve.

Brose Apprenticeship - Foundation stone

Knowledge opens new career doors

Practice-based apprenticeships, seminars, language courses: during your apprenticeship we’ll provide you with everything you need later in your career. The automotive sector is growing by leaps and bounds, so an eagerness to learn and a thirst for knowledge will be your constant companions throughout your career. We have a saying: “Learning never stops, even after your apprenticeship”, and we feel it is especially applicable for our apprentices: stay curious, take advantage of our education and training opportunities at home and abroad – and be responsible for developing your career.

Brose Apprenticeship - New career doors

Responsibility is part of your success

If everyone performs their best, then the end result will also be outstanding. All of our employees are accountable for their own actions, their duties and their performance from their very first day on the job, and this is a key factor in our success. Our work is characterized by friendly cooperation and our quality commitment to our customers and business partners. During your apprenticeship, we will help you understand this philosophy and lead you step-by-step to developing an ownership mindset making you responsible for your own work.

Brose Apprenticeship - Responsibility is part of success

Great work – Great benefits

If you’re willing to give, you’ll get plenty in return. Our apprentices also benefit from the comprehensive benefits package our family-owned company provides them with from the moment they start working here – including fitness and company sports activities, a health management program, our excellent in-house catering service and the Brose sports and leisure collection. But your personal growth is also important to us, so you’ll receive plenty of personal attention here at Brose. Improve your language skills and gain valuable experience during an apprenticeship abroad, for instance.

Brose Apprenticeship - Benefits

Expand your horizons

We operate at 70 locations in 24 countries. Our international orientation plays a major role in your training. You can spend part of your apprenticeship at one of our locations in Europe or overseas, provided your performance and participation meet our criteria. Learn more about the wide world of Brose. Gain valuable personal and professional experience, engage in intercultural exchange and establish a network of contacts.

Brose Apprenticeship - Expand your horizons

Brose Junior Company

Every skilled occupation requires different capabilities. The Brose Junior Company enables first and second-year apprentices to use all of their talents – just like they would in a real company. Apprentices learn about accepting and processing orders, customer service, production and much more in this training company, and tasks are coordinated and streamlined here. This simulation enhances your understanding of our company’s workflows, promotes team spirit, ambition and responsible action. It also helps prepare you for your career in the Brose Group.

Brose Apprenticeship - Junior Company